B12 Beach Club Doha and Doha Sands Beach

West Bay beaches beckon visitors from all around the globe with their glistening azure waters along the coastline on one side, and the cloud-piercing skyscrapers on the other.

There are two exceptional beach destinations that capture the stunning beauty of the Arabian Gulf, Doha Sands Beach, which truly encapsulates the essence of seaside serenity, and B12 Beach Club Doha, which radiates an inviting aura of up-beat relaxation and fun.

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B12 Beach Club Doha is a family-friendly jewel comfortably sitting along West Bay’s coastline, elevating beachfront unwinding to a whole new level. With its iconic yellow and red sun-loungers, VIP section and food outlets and bar that are beaming with liveliness, immerse yourself in a wave of cheery relaxation with your arms held up high until sunset. Your children can join in on the fun by attempting to conquer Doha’s largest floating waterpark!

Enjoy a standard or VIP Entry along with all of B12 Beach Club Doha’s sunny-side-up inclusions. Pre-book now to guarantee your entry and avoid any queues!


Doha Sands Beach offers a haven of tranquility with its calming shores and soothing atmosphere. A picturesque setting for sun-seekers, Doha Sands invites you to indulge in mellow serenity while stretching out a smile on your face and enjoying an exquisitely beach-y selection of grab-and-go delights
Each West Bay hotel booking now made through Discover Qatar includes access to Doha Sands Beach. Along with the chilled-out atmosphere weaving itself throughout the beach’s shores, your day can include stretching your legs and breaking a sunny sweat playing a friendly game of beach volleyball or teqball with friends and family. 
The beach also has colorful self-service food huts on its premises, really bringing the whole place together. With complimentary internet, start snapping your picture-perfect beach moments on social media!


Delight in coastal culinary bliss at The Bistro by B12 Beach Club Doha. Your taste buds are in for a treat with a symphony of flavors; relish seaside elegance and savor delicious snacks, bites and meals in an ambiance designed for unforgettable moments by the sea! Click here to check out the all-day menu. 

Please note all online bookings, which guarantee your entry, must be made 1 day in advance of your planned visit.
You can pay for access on the day at the Beach, subject to capacity.








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