Our Stories of Qatar

Qatar is filled with a myriad of stunning locations and destinations, from the ever-beautiful Arabian Desert to the booming, blooming metropolitan of the future, and every one of those places has a story that’s itching to be told to the world.

Whether it’s somewhere beyond Doha’s city limits, near the pristine waters of the Gulf Sea and silky-smooth sand dunes of the Arabian Desert, or a not-so-secret corner shop in Souq Waqif, Downtown Doha, this storied nation is a treasure chest of gems ready to be discovered, experienced and put up to the sun for a closer look.

These stories are from the experiences of members of the Discover Qatar team, and are not intended as recommendations or otherwise for any of the services mentioned.

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The Eid Al-Fitr Charm

After a magical holy month of Ramadan comes an even more charming Eid Al-Fitr which sees every Muslim around the globe come together for Eid prayer early in the morning. However, after that, the...

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A Qabila Delight During Ramadan

Qabila Westbay Hotel is offering delightful Iftar and Sohour buffets during the holy month of Ramadan which will definitely get your Ramadan vibes serenading on the right note. Even if the...

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An Icono Suhoor with a View

Holiday Villa Hotel is hosting lavish and absolutely delicious Iftar and Suhoor buffets during the holy month of Ramadan! And if you’re looking to experience your first-ever Suhoor, Discover...

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The Magic of Ramadan in Qatar

The magic of Ramadan in Qatar cannot be fully described in writing, it is best experienced in person. In the next few paragraphs, I will try to highlight the passions of the holiest month of...

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A Fairmont Fairytale Iftar

Snuggled in between Qatar’s landmark Katara Towers and the azure-clear Arabian Gulf, is the Fairmont Garden, which is hosting its first-ever Iftar and Suhoor buffets for the holy month of...

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Hilton Suhoor by the Beach

You can certainly never go wrong with having an absolutely mouthwatering Suhoor meal by the soothing, moon-lit Arabian Sea, especially if that extravagant Suhoor buffet is hosted by none other...

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La Maison is Where the Iftar is

If you’re looking for a hearty meal that just keeps giving, then La Maison Hotel is your hotel of choice when it comes to experiencing an exquisite Iftar buffet out in town during Ramadan! La...

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