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Museum of Islamic Art, National Museum of Qatar, 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, MATHAF: Arab Museum of Modern Art
Timing: Saturday to Thursday: 09:00 – 19:00 | Friday: 13
:30 – 19:00

Frequency: Daily | Duration: Full day

Stroll through Qatar's cultural landscape with our all-new one pass, in partnership with Qatar Museums, granting  access to four renowned museums as well as any available exhibitions that epitomize the nation's artistic expression, cultural depth and historical significance. 

Museum of Islamic Art: 
Designed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei, the world-famous Museum of Islamic Art’s geometric elegance and stunning façade beckon you to explore the captivating world of Islamic culture. From intricate calligraphy to delicate ceramics and opulent textiles, each exhibit reflects the artistic brilliance and profound heritage of the Islamic civilization. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of masterpieces from across the Islamic world with new exhibitions regularly opening up!
National Museum of Qatar:
The National Museum of Qatar is an award-winning architectural masterpiece inspired by the desert rose and Qatar's cultural heritage. With an enriching and immersive experience waiting you behind the entrance doors, marvel at stunning architecture and diverse exhibits, showcasing the nation's past, present and future in the context of the Gulf Peninsula's vibrant region, especially its pearl-diving history. Engage in interactive displays, workshops and live performances for all ages.
3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum:
The 3-2-1 Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum embodies an inspiring and innovative journey through Qatar's sporting history and the global sports landscape, setting itself apart with its creative use of storytelling, weaving together interactive exhibits and cutting-edge technology to bring sporting legends and historic moments to life. As a member of the Olympic Museum Network, which currently includes 22 Olympic museums worldwide, don't miss this opportunity to be part of the Olympic legacy and witness the power of sports firsthand.
MATHAF: Arab Museum of Modern Art:
With a dynamic repository of over 9,000 artworks, MATHAF: Arab Museum of Modern Art stands as the world's largest specialized collection of its kind, co-owned by Qatar Museums and Qatar Foundation. The museum allows you to embark on a captivating journey through the diverse landscapes of Arab artistry, delving into intricacies of cultural and historical connections while celebrating the enduring spirit of creativity in the region.