Fuwairit Kite Beach

Fuwairit Kite Beach Resort is the all-new, world-class destination for kite sports on the northern tip of Qatar. The resort is part of Hilton’s Tapestry Collection, focused on offering guests a unique atmosphere that matches the location’s serenity and vibrancy. With a total of 40 beach-front rooms, guests can enjoy the surrounding natural lagoon in absolute tranquility. An outdoor pool, yoga pavilion overlooking serenity, padel-tennis courts and an outdoor cinema theatre all operate in unison to offer guests a sanctuary to sit back and relax, away from the bustle of city life.

With kite sports being one of the main attractions at Fuwairit Kite Beach Resort, guests have a first-hand opportunity to take in Qatar’s natural beauty and perfect wind conditions at the resort’s pristine shoreline and kitesurf to your heart’s content. We’ve got a great selection of beginner lessons and advanced courses to match all your ambitions, taught by experienced kitesurfing instructors who have been practicing this beautiful watersport for over a decade.

These products and courses are offered from November to July at the Kitesurf School, managed by Discover Qatar. Ideal wind and water conditions make Fuwairit Kite Beach the perfect place to take up kitesurfing, regardless of the expertise level and discipline, whether it be twin tip, hydrofoil or wing foiling. The school has well-equipped teaching and briefing rooms, changing facilities, a competition and media centre and offers the latest equipment from leading watersport brand, Duotone, to make learning all the easier. 


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