Transit Exclusive – Shuttle Bus Service


Shuttle timing: from 09:00 to 17:00 | (For shuttle bus timetable until June, please click here. | For shuttle bus timetable from July, please click here.)
Frequency: Daily | Duration: Up to 8 hours
Required Transit Time: Minimum of 8 hours
Meeting Time: 1 hour before your preferred
 shuttle departure time
Meeting Point: Discover Qatar desk at Hamad International Airport


If you are traveling within 2 days and the calendar does not show availability on this website, please visit the Discover Qatar Transit Tours desk at Hamad International Airport to book your tour. 

Discovering Qatar has been made more convenient with our all-new pick-up and drop-off shuttle bus transfer service! Arrive at the world’s best airport and make your way to one of three iconic destinations in Doha! If you’re a fan of art and history, visit the National Museum of Qatar or Museum of Islamic Art. And if you’re a looking for a great time under the Gulf sun, you can spend your transit hours at Doha’s hottest beach club, Doha Beach Club in West Bay. 

Note: You can use the shuttle bus as many times as you wish on the day for which it has been purchased.

Shuttle + National Museum of Qatar

Unveil Qatar's captivating history and culture at the National Museum of Qatar, a masterpiece inspired by the desert rose and Qatar's cultural heritage. With an enriching and immersive experience waiting you behind the entrance doors, marvel at stunning architecture and diverse exhibits, showcasing the nation's past, present and future in the context of the Gulf Peninsula's vibrant region, especially its pearl-diving history. Engage in interactive displays, workshops and live performances for all ages. Discover Qatar recommends at least 2 hours to explore the museum thoroughly.

Note: The shuttle bus to NMOQ operates from HIA at 12:30 on Fridays

Shuttle + Museum of Islamic Art

Designed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei, the museum's geometric elegance and stunning façade beckon you to explore the captivating world of Islamic culture. As you step inside, immerse yourself in a treasure trove of masterpieces from across the Islamic world. From intricate calligraphy to delicate ceramics and opulent textiles, each exhibit reflects the artistic brilliance and profound heritage of the Islamic civilization. Discover Qatar recommends at least 2 hours to thoroughly explore the museum.

Note: The shuttle bus to MIA operates from HIA at 12:30 on Fridays 

Shuttle + Doha Beach Club

Doha Beach Club Doha is a family-friendly jewel comfortably sitting along West Bay’s coastline, elevating beachfront unwinding to a whole new level. The food outlets and bar are beaming with liveliness, immerse yourself in a wave of cheery relaxation with your arms held up high until sunset. Your children can join in on the fun by attempting to conquer Doha’s largest floating waterpark!

For shuttle bus timetable until June, please click here.
For shuttle bus timetable from July, please click here.

Visa Information: Please note as this shuttle service requires you to pass through immigration control to enter the state of Qatar, you will require a Visa. Discover Qatar will provide guidance at the airport but is not responsible for the issuing of the visa. This shuttle service does not meet the requirement of a visa-on-arrival. Should your entry to Qatar or visa be declined by the authorities despite meeting all the visa requirements, Discover Qatar will issue a full refund.

For a full list of countries eligible for visa-free entry and Qatar entry visa requirements, click here.