Discover Islamic Religion, Culture and Art


Timing: 09:00 - 14:00
Frequency: Every Monday & Thursday | Duration: 5 hours

Dive into a religious and cultural odyssey through the heart of Doha, where the past and present gracefully converge. With visits to the globally-celebrated Museum of Islamic Art, the Education City Mosque and Bin Zaid Islamic Cultural Center, a captivating expedition like no other awaits.
Beginning with a guided exploration of Bin Zaid Islamic Cultural Center, a beacon of Qatar's rich religious and educational traditions. Delve into the center's role in fostering learning and community engagement, gaining insights into the nation's cultural tapestry. 
Next is the architectural marvel that is Education City Mosque. Guided by contemporary design principles as well as Islamic thought, the mosque stands as a testament to Doha's harmonious blend of modernity and spiritual significance. Explore its serene spaces and learn about the mosque's unique features, offering a tranquil place for prayer and reflection.
The tour concludes with a visit to the distinguished Museum of Islamic Art. Here, within the building set against Doha’s iconic skyline, take a step into the intricacies of centuries-old Islamic heritage, discovering an impressive collection that tells the story of cultural evolution.

Please make sure you arrive at the Discover Qatar meeting point in Souq Waqif, opposite to Fanar Mosque, 15 minutes before the start of the tour.