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Whale Sharks of Qatar 2024 Tour Programme Update 31.01.2024

Discover Qatar have been informed that the area in which the Whale Sharks of Qatar tour was scheduled to operate, is no longer accessible to tourists.

Reluctantly, the decision has therefore been taken to cancel the Whale Sharks of Qatar tour operations for the 2024 season.

Discover Qatar takes this opportunity to offer sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the individuals, organisations, and especially guests who contributed to the success of the Whale Sharks of Qatar tours, since the first operation in 2022.


Tucked away in the Arabian Gulf, away from mankind, in a destination few are lucky enough to visit, lies the opportunity to experience something no one else ever has before. The chance to explore an environment so remote that nature and wildlife flourish. To go somewhere unlike anywhere else in the world and to do so in the utmost luxury. Introducing the Whale Sharks of Qatar. One of the world’s last undiscovered gems.

Qatar is home to one of the largest Whale Sharks’ aggregations in the world. The coastal waters of Qatar provide the perfect location to see large numbers of Whale Sharks that gather to feed close to the surface. You will have an opportunity to view the Whale Sharks without having to enter the water, a unique and responsible experience that doesn’t disrupt their natural habitat.

What to Expect

Our departure point is Al Ruwais Port in the north of Qatar. Once we have embarked the catamaran, the captain will formally welcome you and introduce you to the on-board facilities. A breakfast will follow, offering a choice of muffins and pastries plus coffee, tea and a selection of soft drinks.

The sailing takes approximately two and a half hours to reach the Whale Shark’s location. Towards the end of that journey, you will have the opportunity to learn more about these majestic creatures as one of our expert guide gives a presentation on the Whale Shark’s habits, feeding patterns, and an overview of the research being carried out in Qatar.

Once we are at the Whale Shark viewing location, we will be in the home of one of the largest populations of Whale Sharks in the world where, at times, up to 300 can be seen on any given day. We plan to view the Whale Sharks for 2 hours and 30 minutes. You will be able to easily see them from the vessel as they come to the surface to feed. Our on-board professional photographer will capture your special moments throughout the day and the photographs will be shared after the tour. With the sole purpose of protecting the Whale Sharks and their habitat we have implement a few safety measures of no swimming with Whale Sharks, no touching or feeding.

After an adventurous morning with the Whale Sharks, enjoy a delicious lunch on board as we return to the disembarkation point. 

06:00 - All guests to meet at Al Ruwais Port, to prepare for boarding. Once on board the catamaran, guests will receive a Captain's welcome and overview of the facilities before breakfast is served
08:15 - Whale Sharks experience including expert presentation followed by Whale Shark viewing
11:30 - Commence return to the disembarkation point with lunch on board
14:30 - Guest disembarkation at Al Ruwais Port
Times are approximate and subject to change

About the Catamaran

57 ft in length and 23 ft in width, the catamaran is capable of hosting and accommodating up to 40 passengers in absolute comfort. All seating for the boat is indoors in a comfortable air-conditioned area. There is a bathroom on board as well as all basic amenities that you may require. There are two viewing areas at the front of the boat and a sizeable deck at the back. The interior windows are large, offering fantastic panoramic visibility of the Whale Sharks.

The boat has an open bridge policy, which means you will have direct access to the captain. Our on-board expert guide will also be able to share a wealth of information and answer any questions you may have about the Whale Sharks.

Cancellation or Refund Guarantee

If Discover Qatar cancel your trip for any reason e.g. adverse weather conditions, we guarantee to give you a choice of the following

  • Re-book on another date of your choosing for no administration fee. If you choose a more expensive date you will be required to pay the difference
  • A full refund of your whale sharks tour