The Eid Al-Fitr Charm

After a magical holy month of Ramadan comes an even more charming Eid Al-Fitr which sees every Muslim around the globe come together for Eid prayer early in the morning. However, after that, the festivities kick it up a notch with hours and hours of family gatherings that people actually look forward to! The fun doesn’t end there, though, especially in Qatar, with every single public space, hotel and shopping centre hosting extravagant festivals, celebrations and brunches and dinners!

While this holiday is traditionally centered around family and giving thanks to one another after a blessed month of fasting from sunrise to sunset, its more about celebrating the end of the holy month with a bountiful feast that never fails to puta huge smile on your face, no matter how old you are. It’s more than just a beloved tradition, it truly has a sparkle to it, from grownups experiencing it for the 30th time and getting that boost of nostalgia or a 6-year-old child jumping out of bed to find all sorts of sweets around the house with the gulf sun shining through the windows. Something you definitely don’t think you’ll ever miss is how quiet Doha becomes during Eid Al-Fitr. Everyone around the city is either sitting at home with family with giggles floating around each and every room or they’re out visiting loved ones or extended family members to simply knock on their doors, smile, offer a box of traditional Arabic sweets and say ‘Eid Al-Fitr Mubarak’.

After finishing up with the not-so-much-an-obligation of family gatherings, it’s time to take in everything Doha’s got planned for Eid Al-Fitr!

From the Pearl to Lusail to Souq Waqif to the ever-magnificent Katara Cultural Village, there’s a flurry of Eid Al-Fitr events planned for the whole family. And let’s not forget the fireworks that go on throughout the Eid holidays, dazzling the skies and residents alike!

It’s just marvelous! With kids running around all dressed up in their special Eid costumes and parents chasing after them with cameras in hand, you can’t help but feel the love and happiness in the air.

Before setting out on my first-ever Qatar Eid adventure, I paid Tatel Doha a visit, a Spanish restaurant that was highly recommended by a friend, and I was definitely not disappointed! It was cheery place with a delicious brunch that really brought the Eid Al-Fitr spirit into the mix of things. I personally never tried Spanish cuisine, but I was truly impressed with what Tatel had to offer. The place was filled with joy and wholesome celebrations; it certainly got noticeable once customers sat down for brunch!

I chose Katara Cultural Village and Doha Festival City as my two destinations for my first Eid Al-Fitr in Qatar, and I definitely made the right call! Right off the bat, I was welcomed with celebrations from every direction with a full-on costume marching band walking around the mall, loud music and trumpets going on and on and kids gathering up for photos and a chance to be part of the fun festivities. Moving on to Katara, it was just as upbeat if not more! With families of all kinds crowding the area, I made my way to Boho to truly take in the charming atmosphere of Doha during this special holiday along with the breathtaking view of the glittering skyline.

In short, this Eid was one I’ll never forget, at least not until Eid Al-Adha!

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