A Fairmont Fairytale Iftar

Snuggled in between Qatar’s landmark Katara Towers and the azure-clear Arabian Gulf, is the Fairmont Garden, which is hosting its first-ever Iftar and Suhoor buffets for the holy month of Ramadan.

Fairmont Doha is one of the newest 5-star luxury hotels in Qatar, a true hospitality and accommodations marvel that seamlessly blends elegant contemporary design with elements inspired by the region's centuries-old cultural heritage.

With its first-ever Ramadan at its door, Fairmont Doha has definitely put its best foot in, transforming the Fairmont Garden into an Arabian Ramadan wonderland with all the moon crescent and lighting decorations on the trees and walkways.

The buffet was splendidly displayed with a very large variety of cuisines and live cooking stations all around the venue, visitors could happily experience a culinary trip around the world. Guests could sample almost every popular international dish, cooked and made to perfection, from the comfort of their pleasantly-designed dining table. If you find yourself heading to Fairmont Doha for an exquisite Iftar night, be sure to try the freshly-grilled Mashewe, classic Arab food staples that consist of barbecued meat and poultry such as Kebab and Shish Taouk, and it certainly wouldn’t be complete without a dollop of garlic paste.

The dessert section was breathtaking, designed in a way that resembled a forest grove, also decorated with traditional Ramadan lights. The sweets and cakes themselves were part of the design, with towers of Arabic delights shaped in different forms and heights, making it almost heartbreaking for us to indulge in anything, but I’m sure everyone was glad they reached out into those delicious masterpieces.

One thing that truly stuck out was the barbequed local whole fish put on display; aside from how incredibly delicious the Hammour was the finesse the chefs showed when carving out the delicate fish meat and avoiding all the annoying pesky bones. Other than enjoying the meal itself, you got to experience a make-shift show at every live-cooking station. The same can be said about the Quesadilla and Saj stations, definite crowd-pleasers!

With approximately 400 Iftar and Suhoor visitors every day, the view as well as the service was sure to be top-notch, and that certainly was the case. The venue lavishly sat under the spectacular Katara Towers as they shined and sparkled through the clear night sky, complemented by the splendid waiters and waitresses that tended to all our wants and needs.

Personally, being seated right next to the sea, I couldn’t help but ask for a hot cup of tea, just right with this kind of weather in April. The kind waiter quickly got me every kind of tea in the kitchen for me to pick and indulge all the way through. I’m glad he suggested the Moroccan tea, it was absolutely delightful!

By 8:00pm, I found myself wrestling the idea of staying the night at Fairmont, I did not want to get away from this magical sensation that profoundly hugged every corner of the hotel, from its golden high ceilings to its majestic furniture, it was a true modern wonder to behold.

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