Hilton Suhoor by the Beach

You can certainly never go wrong with having an absolutely mouthwatering Suhoor meal by the soothing, moon-lit Arabian Sea, especially if that extravagant Suhoor buffet is hosted by none other than the all-spectacular Hilton Doha.

Bab Al Bahr, Hilton Doha’s restaurant by the beach hosted one of the best Iftar and Suhoor buffets all Ramadan long, drawing crowds and families from all around the country to enjoy and indulge in the delicious variety of food and live Arabic music entertainment. The live oud music entertainment was simply amazing, really adding to the holistic environment that Hilton has put together to make these Ramadan nights as tradionally Arabian as possible.

The buffet tables and live cooking stations were set up all around the venue with the dining tables positioned at the centre and beside the lovely private beach. With Ramadan decorations and lanterns placed all around, the atmosphere was just right for wonderful memories to be made and happily remembered.

The large variety of food, desserts and beverages made the Suhoor buffet a true spectacle, with long queues lined up in front of live cooking stations to see the Bab Al Bahr chefs at work, and the food certainly did not disappoint. Everything was deliciously marvelous, with all kinds of cuisines put on delightful display for everyone to really dive in!

Aside from the colourful assortment of local and exotic fruits, the selection of Arabian sweets was just perfection, it could easily satisfy any sweet tooth on any given night! From warm delights like the all-so-delicious Knefeh, an all-time favorite traditional middle-eastern dessert made with spun pastry, soaked in a sweet, sugar-based syrup called attar, and typically layered with cheese and other ingredients such as crushed pistachios and clotted cream, to Qatayef, another all-time favorite Arab dessert, commonly served during the month of Ramadan. It is a sort of sweet dumpling filled with clotted cream or nuts, and unapologetically soaked in attar.

However, as exquisite as that night was, Discover Qatar had the opportunity to be seated right next to the beach, and that opened the door to enjoying a traditional simplicity of the Gulf, a cup of hot tea by the beach, all while closing your eyes and taking in the sound of the waves arriving at shore.

As extravagant as the Suhoor buffet was, you just can’t get enough of the simple splendors of Qatar, especially when they’re coupled with such a beautiful month like Ramadan.

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