An Icono Suhoor with a View

Holiday Villa Hotel is hosting lavish and absolutely delicious Iftar and Suhoor buffets during the holy month of Ramadan! And if you’re looking to experience your first-ever Suhoor, Discover Qatar has found the one for you, and it comes with a view!

Icono View Restaurant invited Discover Qatar to be a part of their magical Suhoor buffet, and unlike anything we’ve ever seen, the rooftop was glowing with passion and happiness for people coming together and enjoying themselves.

Located on the rooftop of the Holiday Villa Hotel, the Icono View Restaurant has transformed its venue to a buffet extravaganza with live barbeque stations grilling away every kind of meat, from seafood and chicken to beef and lamb, with the added treat of marinating everything with different kinds of blends from all around the world, from Europe to the Middle East to the Far East. Aside from that, the Sohour buffet catered to all tastes, offering a variety of traditional Arabic and international dishes.

Ramadan feasts are not the same without a spectacular display of an assortment of desserts, offered alongside all kinds of fresh juices, soft and hot drinks and a regional favorite, shisha! The indoor view was a true spectacle with the live stations animating the night and customers going back and forth and round the buffet aisles. However, the star of the night was definitely the rooftop patio with swing chairs and tables positioned in front of the clear-sky city view. Complemented with the beautiful weather during this time of the year, enjoying a shisha while taking in the cool air cradling the swings was on everyone’s to-do list during Suhoor.  

While the food was immaculate throughout the evening, starting from 10:00pm until 2:00am, the service was shining a brighter light. With smiles all around, from cooks and chefs to waiters and waitresses, every person of staff looked to make customers and families as comfortable as possible, attending to their every need and allowing them to fully embrace a wonderful Suhoor meal at Icono View Restaurant.

This venue deserves a top seat on your Iftar and Suhoor lists this Ramadan!

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