La Maison is Where the Iftar is

If you’re looking for a hearty meal that just keeps giving, then La Maison Hotel is your hotel of choice when it comes to experiencing an exquisite Iftar buffet out in town during Ramadan!

La Maison Hotel is your luxurious home away from home, and during Ramadan, it’s offering wholesome Iftar and Suhoor buffets for all to enjoy and tap into that Ramadan spirit.

Bistro, the hotel’s ground-floor restaurant was transformed and decorated into an open-space venue, filled with crescent moons and Arabian lanterns, where families and friends can sit around and enjoy the well-lit ambiance of the Iftar buffet. Along with the music that beautifully set the tone for the night, a cheery mood was swirling around the room. The night revolved around an atmosphere that drew in a familiar cosy feeling when it comes to hosting Iftars during Ramadan.

A unique characteristic about La Maison’s Iftar and Suhoor buffets was the venue. While it was as sparkling and dazzling as the massive collection of hotels in Qatar, the wide space was extremely well-lit, giving off a sort of gathering vibe that resonated well with the delicious buffet dish and dessert selections for the night.

Bistro did not go overboard when it came to offering a variety of foods and beverages. Bistro staff and chefs stuck to their guns and cooked up crowd favorites, from spiced rice and lamb and all kinds of curries to barbequed meats. By the end of the buffet, everyone was certainly pleased with everything. And when it came to dessert, Arabian sweets were all over the table, from Katayef to Umm Ali and Baklava, making the latter part of your meal a full Arabian delight.

Discover Qatar was invited to this buffet to experience yet another magical ramadan night in Qatar, and we were nothing short of impressed! To our surprise, the restaurant really knew how to hit those nostalgic notes; they were offering ‘Jallab’, a fruit syrup popular in the Middle East made from carob, dates, grape molasses and rose water usually served during Ramadan. That beverage alone took me on a minute-long trip back home to Lebanon.

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