Seasoned With Tradition

There's something magical about starting your day with a delicious breakfast, especially when it's enjoyed at a charming corner restaurant like Shay Al Shomous. 
Be warned, the moment you step into this family-run food spot, you’re going to instantly turn into a breakfast enthusiast. 
The venue shares a similar ambiance to Souq Waqif, but instead of showcasing the country’s traditions and heritage through architecture, it does so with food.

Shay Al Shomous takes absolute pride in its menu, featuring an array of delicious breakfast options to cater to the local palate as well as those looking to try out something new and exciting. In short, while you are in for a treat, this place promises you more than a hearty meal, it will kickstart your day with a burst of flavor, warmth, and a dash of Qatari hospitality.

Comfortably sitting in an alleyway in Souq Waqif, Shay Al Shomous isn’t just your ordinary breakfast venue, with its countless waves of regulars and a cult following on social media here and abroad, it is a true dream manifested by a Qatari woman by the name of Shams Al Qassabi, the first woman to kickstart a business venture in the area. 
If you’re still new to Qatari cuisine, don’t miss the chance to indulge in their sumptuous Balaleet (sweet vermicelli), Chebab (Qatari pancakes), and Labneh (strained yogurt) drizzled with local honey. It's a culinary journey like no other, elevated by the rustic street-side decor and simplicity.


Being family-run and occasionally being served by the owner herself, you’re bound to strike a conversation with the staff, and it’s always fun and hearty! Attentive and thoughtful, you feel the local hospitality weaved into everything in the place, from the conversations to the furniture, to the food, of course!
If you're a breakfast aficionado or simply appreciate the joys of a leisurely morning meal, Shay Al Shomous is a must-visit destination in Doha, especially if you pair the whole thing with a glass of saffron tea. With its mouthwatering menu, warm hospitality, and cozy ambiance, this hidden gem will definitely transform your breakfast experience into a delightful ritual.
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