5-Star Iftar Feast at Sharq

I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing something truly extraordinary: a journey into the heart of Ramadan at Sharq Village & Spa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel. 
It wasn’t just any extravagant Ramadan experience - something Qatar is ultimately renowned for and expected to serve up every single year during Ramadan - no, this was an experience that was building on its award-winning success in the previous year.
As I stepped into the 5-star Sihr Al Sharq Ramadan Tent, nestled within the hotel’s Al Dana Garden, I was immediately struck by the sense of grandeur and opulence that surrounded me. The tent, adorned with intricate golden details and luxurious lanterns stood in stark contrast to the breathtaking backdrop of Doha's skyline and the tranquil waters of the Arabian Sea.
Inside, the atmosphere was nothing short of magical! The soft glow of twinkling stars overhead cast a warm and inviting light over the scene, while the scent of fragrant spices hung in the air, tantalizing my senses.

The liveliness inside the tent was, to me, what Ramadan Iftars are all about, kids were running around, adults and parents were going through the many, many food options positioned all around the tent, the waiters and waitresses always greeted you with a smile and a heartwarming ‘Ramadan Kareem’. It’s the small simple things that make Sihr Al Sharq amazing.

The culinary offerings were a true feast for the senses. From traditional Iftar favorites to exciting live food stations, each dish was a work of art, meticulously crafted to perfection by the talented culinary team. I found myself indulging in fragrant biryanis, succulent kebabs, and decadent desserts, each bite more delicious than the last.

I cannot emphasize how much I loved the choices of desserts put on display that night - I truly had a hard time picking what to try next. Luckily for me, I have favourites - and a live ice cream station made things a lot easier!

But it wasn't just about the food. It was the entire experience that made the evening truly unforgettable. Surrounded by like-minded people who just wanted to harmonize with the universal spirit of the Holy Month of Ramadan, I found myself simply immersed as we broke our fast together.

As the night wore on, the ambiance only grew more enchanting. The sound of live music filled the air, adding to the sense of occasion, while the warm hospitality of the staff made me feel truly welcome and at home.

In the end, it wasn't just a meal; it was an experience - a journey into the heart and soul of Ramadan, where tradition, luxury and community came together in perfect harmony.
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