Iftar on Treasure Island

Island getaway meets Ramadan Iftar meets Discover Qatar - that's the trifecta you never knew you needed until you set foot on Al Safliya Island. Just a breezy 15-minute boat ride away from The Pearl, this hidden gem had a surprise in store for me that I'll never forget!
As we cruised towards the island, the excitement was palpable. The sun began its descent, painting the sky with a beautiful palette of warm hues that mirrored the golden sands of the Arabian Sea. I couldn't help but feel a sense of wonder at what awaited me on this enchanting island.
The electrical lanterns adorning the Iftar setup remained dormant, teasing me with their promise of illumination once the sun went to bed at night. But even in the fading light, the beauty of Al Safliya Island was unmistakable - the view of the sea with the Doha skyline lighting up behind it was unlike anything I had ever seen!
And then, like magic, the sun dipped below the horizon, and the island came to life in a blaze of light and color. The lanterns burst into brilliance, casting a soft, inviting glow over the gathering. It was as if the island itself had awakened from a slumber, ready to embrace us in its warm embrace.
Now, let's talk about the real star of the show: the food! We're talking about a feast fit for royalty! Starting things off with a mouthwatering array of appetisers - fattoush, crispy samosas, creamy hummus, fresh Arabic bread, and a Lebanese staple, hindbeh! But wait, there's more! The main course included a delicious mixed grill platter served alongside fragrant saffron rice.
And then came dessert - three slices of turmeric cake, decadent and indulgent, paired with ice-cold tamarind juice that danced on my palate with its sweet and tangy notes. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable evening.
This Iftar experience as well as Al Safliya Island pulls out all the stops with its simple-yet-picturesque setting and decor! As the night winded down, we found myself wrapped in a very cosy blanket, savoring the cool March evening breeze. And hey, who says you can't mix business with pleasure? I came prepared with my laptop and earphones, ready to soak in every moment of this three-hour extravaganza!
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